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One-On-One Personal Training 

Manifest Athlete's One-on-One Personal Training helps busy women and men develop healthy habits, improve overall wellness, and change their physique sustainably.

At Manifest Athlete, we understand that one style of training does NOT fit all; one program does not offer the needs of every body.

That is why we develop individualized programs that are designed specifically for YOU and your goals. No matter your level of fitness, no matter your age, and no matter the needs of your body, we curate a workout plan to cater to what you need and want.

Who Is It For?

Manifest Athlete One-on-One Personal Training is for busy men and women of all ages and fitness levels who are unhappy with their health, physique, or strength. Are you ready to get effective and lasting results?

We develop plans for…
  • Weight Loss
  • Strength Building
  • Cardiovascular Conditioning
  • Overall Fitness
  • And More!

We work with a range of clients - from complete beginners and those with disabilities to experienced and advanced athletes. Whatever level you are at, Manifest Athlete can help you reach your goals. 

What Can You Expect?

Private Training: Our fully equipped garage gym is the environment you need to get the most out of your training. No waiting for machines, no chasing weights, and no worries about being shy.

Customized Workout Plan: Reach your goals faster and improve your health more efficiently with a workout routine that is designed around your needs. 

Injury Prevention: Being able to move throughout life with ease is our goal for every athlete. We provide training that not only strengthens you now, but strengthens you for the long term. 

Mental Strength: As you work to change your body, you will work to adapt your mind with Manifest Athlete's training. We provide the encouragement and accountability you need to obtain and maintain results that last. 

In App Tracking: See your incremental progress with our training tracking app. Our athletes are able to see their strength increase, their physique change and track their meals in one location!

Nutritional Coaching (Optional): Receive non judgmental guidance to make sure that you stay in control. We give you advice to maintain a sustainable diet that is not restrictive. 

COVID Safe Environment: We take health precautions very seriously. Cleaning after every athlete, providing hand sanitizer and maintaining a 6-foot protocol so you don't have to wear masks while you train. 

Your Investment

It is our belief that an Athlete lives in all of us. All it takes is our tailored training and your commitment. We offer three customizable plans so your training is supplemental to your life and not inconvenient. 

Claim Your Free Consultation

Have any other questions on our One-on-One Personal Training? 

Curious if our training is right for you? Fill out the form below and we will get back with you shortly to answer any questions you may have.

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Workout Plans

Flexible plans to fit your schedule and lifestyle. Get in shape, without the inconvenience.

12-Week Plan


$55 per session

Clients activate & stimulate their muscles and sensory cells 

seeing physical changes with this plan

45-60 min sessions

Up to 3 Face-to-Face Sessions per week

Private Gym Training

In App Progress Tracking

Nutritional Coaching (optional)


5 Months + 1 Month (no costs)


$45 per session

Clients develop consistency in routine and habit

 seeing the best results with this plan. 

45-60 min sessions

Up to 3 Face-to-Face Sessions per week

Private Gym Training

In App Progress Tracking

Nutritional Coaching (optional)


*Purchase this plan, get the 6th month no cost to you!

(promotion only lasts until 12/31/22)

12 Month Plan


$35 per session

Clients challenge and develop their body in every area

 to see the best lasting results with this plan. 

45-60 min sessions

Up to 3 Face-to-Face Sessions per week

Private Gym Training 

In App Progress Tracking

Nutritional Coaching (optional)